Paperweight is an online project dedicated to furthering a dialogue on independent publishing. Paperweight also publishes offline articles expanded from the website and organizes public discussions. Paperweight began in the Winter of 2009 and was accidentally destroyed during the SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act) protests during the Winter of 2012.

The independent publishing community is one that has seen a rapid growth within the past several years. This community requires a space that can facilitate a cultural dialogue, both in historical and contemporary contexts, as well as provide resources that others have found helpful in their own production.

Paperweight’s online presence operates through Arena, itself an experiment in independent publishing and research.

The mission of Paperweight is to harbor these dialogues of independent publishing while offering an alternative method for the dissemination of information surrounding its culture. Paperweight started anew in June of 2012 in New York City.



Founding Editor
Jesse Hlebo

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Eric Hu
Justin Sloane

Charles Broskoski
Damon Zucconi
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John Michael Boling

Nick Hasty (API)

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Adam O’Reilly
Grant Willing

Alex Damianos
Anne Lai
Bryan Krueger
David Senior
Diwa Tamrong
Luke Fischbeck
Nina Perlman
Pierre Le Hors
Rebecca O’Keefe
Troy Kreiner
Tuomas Korpijaakko

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